Forestry and Farming at the Heart of Scotland’s Finest Woods

Woolly Pig Co's David Carruth was named the Young Farmer Forester of The Year 2023 for his work at Brodoclea Woodland Farm.

David showcased an innovative approach to agroforestry by utilising our herd of 163 Mangalitsa pigs at Brodoclea Woodland Farm in North Ayrshire. The farm, owned by The Future Forest Company, benefits from the pigs' ability to manage the forest ecosystem by grazing down dominant species and allowing other plants and young trees to flourish.

Employing a system of adaptive “mob” grazing, David keeps the pigs in large groups and rotates them through twenty different 25-acre forest paddocks to maximise their impact on the woodland. This method not only helps in maintaining the forest but also enhances its resilience in the face of a changing environment, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to land management.

David's background in dairy farming, coupled with his current studies in environmental science, has equipped him with the knowledge and passion to explore innovative solutions in agroforestry. By winning the prestigious award, he hopes to inspire more young people to consider a career in farming and agroforestry, emphasising the importance of creative ideas and sustainable practices in addressing the challenges of our time. His dedication to conservation and habitat creation, as well as his global experiences, have shaped his vision for a more sustainable future, making him a role model for the next generation of farmers and environmentalists.

You can read a full case study on the Scotland's Finest Woods Awards website.