Our Story

Our ethos is to promote high-welfare animal care so any meat that is produced is from an ethical and sustainable supply and the meat you do eat is good quality and packed with flavour. We raise a small number of pigs who call the forest their home. Our pigs enjoy roaming the forest snuffling, foraging and trampling the bracken, which in turn creates healthier soil and better conditions for the growth of everything living there. This isn’t just better for the pigs and the environment, it helps makes their meat healthier for you too.

The highest welfare standards in the world

We pride ourselves on making sure our animals are healthy and happy. With free access to land and forests, our herds can roam and forage as nature intended and we can ensure the continuation of some rare and specialist breeds. Through high welfare farming with a dedicated focus on happy herds, we can produce sustainable and high quality products.

We adopt small-scale nature friendly farming principles:

  • Protect natural resources, such as fresh water and healthy soils
  • Encourage wildlife; our enterprises are set up to support the ongoing regeneration of our woodlands
  • No pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used on our site
  • No routine medications
  • No tail-docking, no castration, our pigs live as they would in the wild
  • We aim to be socially regenerative by seeking out local services and creating opportunities for the communities that we are part of




Our Brodoclea woodland is home to our Mangalitsa pigs (woolly pigs) our herd of around 160 Pigs live on 430 acres of land. Our Brodoclea woodland is in Scotland, just south of Glasgow. 

Our pigs live outside all year round in a 10 year-old regenerating native broad leaf woodland, they live in groups of up to forty in twenty to thirty acre paddocks that have shelters where they can sleep and get out of worst weather. All our pigs are born in our woods and live their whole lives there.


We pride ourselves on ensuring the environment is protected throughout everything we do. Brodoclea is home to an abundance of wildlife and we aim to keep it that way. By using only sustainable materials all the way from on-site equipment to the packaging for shipping, we ensure the local wildlife is not affected, and natural resources are maintained at a healthy level. 


How many times have you ordered items online for them to arrive in ridiculously oversized boxes, with a vast amount of packaging materials that usually can't be recycled and are simply not needed?

Here at the Woolly Pig HQ, we ensure all our packing is made from fully sustainable and recyclable materials. In order to maintain the products at the correct temperature during the delivery, the packaging uses 100% felted sheep’s wool which is washed in a natural process, scoured then sealed within recyclable industry grade micro-perforated polyethylene wrap. This high performance thermal insulated packaging is designed specifically for direct deliveries of chilled and frozen food and has been rigorously tested and proven to keep produce within the temperature ranges required by the FSA.