Looking forward, 2023 and beyond: The Woolly Pig Company

After last week's update on the recent changes we have been going through, we wanted to let you know what will offering you as we move forward through 2023. 

Mangalitsa Pork: With our regenerative pork enterprise fully up and running, we are set up to send out monthly orders of our Mangalitsa quarter pig boxes so there will be many opportunities to fill your freezer with some of the most delicious pork cuts on the market. To order one right now click here.

We will also be putting together special barbecue boxes in time for barbecue season so that you can offer something tasty and unique to friends and family at your summer get-togethers. Additionally, if your looking for larger orders such as whole pigs for hog roasts, then please get in touch with us via email.

Come and visit us: This summer we will be starting site tours of our Brodoclea woodland so that you can come see for yourselves the work that we are doing here.This will not only be a great chance to meet our herd of woolly pigs but also offer a fun and engaging morning for people of all ages. As we move through the site, our team will cover a range of topics from agroforestry to biodiversity and the wider impacts and importance of farming in this way. We are still working on setting up the booking system for this, but if you are part of a group who would like to find out more about what the tour offers then please contact us via our email.

You can also visit us on the stunningly beautiful Isle of Mull and stay at the range of on-site holiday accommodation we have on the Glenaros Estate. Booking is now available to stay in our luxury little Shepard's hut, Find out more here.

Regeneration and Biodiversity: Throughout the year a number of land restoration and habitat creation projects will be happening on our sites. Additionally, we will be conducting a number of surveys and working with researchers to find out more information on what is happening here. We will be offering updates and findings on this work in our blog on the website, so if this  interests you then stay tuned for more.

Looking to the future: Over the course of the year, we will be building for the future - putting infrastructure and systems in place so that we can continue to expand our range of produce. It’s our intention over the next three years to add wild venison, lamb and highland beef to our range of products aswell as exploring possibilities for creating new produce from our sites. 

We anticipate that the coming years will be an exciting venture - the three of us can’t wait to see how this develops over time and we are thankful to have you all joining us on this journey.

With thanks 

Our Woolly Pig Farmers