Mangalitsa Pigs

Often confused with sheep because of their woolly coat, the Mangalitsa pig is a rare breed and increasingly thought of as the Waygu of the pork world. A rich, dark meat; marbled throughout and perfect for slow cooking or charcuterie because of its high fat content.


Our Mangalitsa pigs are slow reared over 2 years to ensure the best quality of life for the pigs and also the best product at the end of the 2 years. Allowed to roam free in the forests the pigs hunt and forage for their food meaning their meat is full of flavour rather than water. Their high fat content comes from a more leisurely lifestyle than your average pig and their stress free living conditions come through in the quality of the meat. 

Suitable for any cut of meat, the Mangalitsa is best served as a slow-roasted joint or cured into bacon so the richness of the meat can be fully savoured. The high fat content also makes Mangalitsa